Scary fail rate of Portsmouth child car seats

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portsmouthcc Wed 16-Mar-11 08:31:48

Make sure your car seat is super safe and
take part in our short survey for a chance to win £50 in baby store vouchers.

In Portsmouth, most child car seats are unsafe.

That?s what we?ve found when we check car seats for parents.

Most seats that fail our checks are fitted incorrectly but many aren?t right for the model of car.

To help parents protect their little super heroes, we?re holding more free safety checks. They run from 10am to 3.30pm ? the next ones are on 5 May at Sainsbury's, Commercial Road, and on 2 June at Tesco, North Harbour.

We?ve also come up with a checklist of questions you should ask before you buy a car seat from a shop.

You should never buy a second-hand seat as you won?t know if it?s been in a crash.

For more information, including the checklist and the dates of more safety check events, plus our short survey go to

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