A warm welcome to anybody in Hampshire and Isle of Wight

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LesbianMummy1 Sun 12-Sep-10 18:40:15

Our other thread is nearly full
Myself, Dusty, and Mumbar welcome you.
Along came Dolphin, Stray, Eve and Chutes
Kids jumping in puddles in welly boots.
So welcome to you new and old
We are a friendly group you have been told grin

LesbianMummy1 Sun 12-Sep-10 21:18:25

so what did you think of us when lurking we not been too mental for you I hope smile

Welcome officially

mumbar Sun 12-Sep-10 21:19:36

Hey Gmajor7, welcome to our thread officially the Pompey/ IOW but fast becomming the M27 junction thread!!! and busier than Picidilly Circus. It's great and all are welcome.

GMajor7 Sun 12-Sep-10 21:20:38

Love it grin

Fantastic advice, some really witty posts and I have to admit to being very entertained by AIBU threads in a rubbernecky kind of fashion!

dustycups Sun 12-Sep-10 21:20:48

welcome gmajor!
must admit i was very much a mn lurker till i meet this crazy lot!

mumbar Sun 12-Sep-10 21:20:57

I still get ID'd occasionally - makes my blardy day it does grin

LesbianMummy1 Sun 12-Sep-10 21:21:49

who you calling crazy mumbar grin

dustycups Sun 12-Sep-10 21:22:44

wrong person lm1

dustycups Sun 12-Sep-10 21:25:11

omg! enrique is singing hero on that heroes concert. it mine and my amazing best friends song, love her so fucking much! have started crying again now

mumbar Sun 12-Sep-10 21:27:33

LM1 - fruedian slip? Crazy was mentioned and up popped an image of me hmm wink

dustycups Sun 12-Sep-10 21:32:04

oh no not angels aswell!! pass me tissues!

GMajor7 Sun 12-Sep-10 21:38:55

Have one of mine dustycups. I've got a stinking cold and have thousands of the things!

dustycups Sun 12-Sep-10 21:44:42

thanks GM as long as its clean!

MrsDinky Sun 12-Sep-10 21:52:40

Hello, have been lurking on yout other thread and enjoyed the one moving to Pompey and getting the accents so I though I'd say hello (in East Hants now but used to live in Southsea).

Dustycups - when did the Pizza Hut go? I used to work there, also the one in Commercial Road. If that's still there....

GMajor7 Sun 12-Sep-10 21:54:13

Like the abbreviation you've used there -'GM'. I'm not genetically modified but feel like it tonight!

mumbar Sun 12-Sep-10 22:01:44

Hello Mrs Dinky and welcome.

Loving all the suv-ern-ers coming out of the woodwork this week grin

dolphin13 Sun 12-Sep-10 22:03:42

Hi dinky and GM welcome.

dusty I am old enough to be your mother grin Still up for a party though.

Loving Robbie.

LesbianMummy1 Sun 12-Sep-10 22:10:27

Hi MrsDinky welcome

GMajor7 maybe GM7 but then you might sound like a food additive

dustycups Sun 12-Sep-10 22:11:12

dolphin do you wanna adopt me??

GM thats you new name!

dinky hi, hope you had fun watching our other thread! it went shortly after xmas, the one is town still there though!

LesbianMummy1 Sun 12-Sep-10 22:13:00

hi dolphin meant to ask how is fds's leg?

dolphin13 Sun 12-Sep-10 22:24:14

dusty of course I will adopt you. You're lovely do you come as a package with your beautiful LOs.

LM1 He's ok but really trying it on. He can use his frame perfectly well but I had a call from his school on Friday complaining that his taxi driver had left him in the playground. Teachers found him crying in a corner and they were livid.
School want driver to take him to reception but LO will not walk and driver is not allowed to carry him. I spoke to driver (who is lovely) he said that in the time it takes LO to get to reception he has twice had his taxi blocked in by other parents parking illegally. So I can see it from all sides, but getting a bit mad because I know LO can easily manage the hop to reception with his frame he just wont.

And breathe

dolphin13 Sun 12-Sep-10 22:25:14

Loving your poems by the way LM

LesbianMummy1 Sun 12-Sep-10 22:27:14

it weird we kind of like a family on here already not sure who is who though but I am sure dusty is the little sister not sure who else has which role

Dolphin hope he stops messing around soon.

Off to bed well at least to try and sleep night all

dustycups Sun 12-Sep-10 22:27:33

oh thankyou dolphin ! yep we all come as one!

dolphin13 Sun 12-Sep-10 22:37:13

Well I've got to be mum (but a quite trendy one I hope).

Think I've lost my dh. Thought he was driving back from Kent and usually back by 9ish. Not answering his phone so who knows what he's up to.

I'm off to bed, can't keep my eyes open. It's the old age. grin

Night night, slept tight
Don't let the bed bugs bite
If they do squeeze them tight
And they wont come another night
Good night

Obviously not my own work

dustycups Sun 12-Sep-10 22:47:41

you seem pretty cool to me!!
hope he returns soon!

thats really sweet! lol

sleep well!

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