Any mums to be 2011 that live in and around portsmouth

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lisag2510 Tue 27-Jul-10 18:35:33

Hi im Lisa (28) living in fareham, I am a sahm to my little boy who is 15 months and am also 14 weeks pregnant. Hoping to meet some other mums to be that live in the area. x

mumbar Tue 03-Aug-10 17:03:49

Oh lisa not a mum to be but I live in the Fareham area with ds nearly 6 and have his ols car garage (elc with lights) and a little tykes sit in and ride car to give away if your interested for your older one??

loubel74 Sat 19-Feb-11 11:04:35

am in portsmouth and still awaiting the arrival of my little boy who is now 10 days late...nightmare...hopefully being induced mon.but been warned this may not happen as there are a lot of babies out there all unwilling to be

LesbianMummy1 Sat 19-Feb-11 20:25:54

come and join us here: t/1039860-A-warm-welcome-to-anybody-in-Hampshire-a nd-Isle-of we have a meet up this Friday coming 11am at Gosport monkey bizness

Hollibobs Tue 08-Mar-11 19:25:02

I'm Holly, I live in Hilsea. I have a 1 year old daughter.

bibblebubble Sun 13-Mar-11 19:17:47

I am not pregnant but have an 18month old daughter but I also teach Baby Massage and Baby Yoga in Titchfield and Fareham. my website is if you are interested. The courses are great to meet new mums.

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