nights out.where to go/where not to?

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sungirltan Sat 14-Aug-10 21:50:37

if you are over 21 go to annabels on the barbican its fab - cabaret and disco and cocktails. agree re union street is scumtastic.

treasury and bar ha ha are nice (city centre)

cheesesarnie Mon 12-Jul-10 14:25:20

thanks!theres a couple of places on the barbican weve heard about so good to know its a nice exciting!

Devendra Thu 01-Jul-10 15:11:04

Depends what you are after.. the Barbican is nice,lots of pubs and restaurants. Avoid avoid Union Street is full of pissed and lairy people. Mutley Plain is more studenty but has more live music etc.

cheesesarnie Fri 25-Jun-10 23:29:24

im having a night out in plymouth soon.where would you locals suggest going and where would you suggest staying away from?

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