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IceCreamSundae Sun 05-Jul-09 22:03:44


Hi I live in Plympton, I am an older mum (40) with a little boy of five years and I am finding it really difficult to find mums in a similar situation to me who have an only child that needs more friends. My boy is at school now but during the Summer Holidays it can be really hard to fill his day, he has cousins and a big sister but they are much older than him. He is a lovely natured boy and it would be great to meet up with mums who are in a similar situation where they are pulling there hair out with trying to find ways to occupy their child. I love the countryside, walking, animals and healthy food and would really like to find some friends with similar interests. hmm

Claire2009 Sun 05-Jul-09 22:34:01


I live in Plymouth & have a 3.5yo Dd & 2.2yo Ds. Dd isn't at School until September 2010 but is at Playschool 3 x week

I'm a younger mum at 24 but happy to chat and meet if you like?

There is a thread, I keep losing it blush where Plymouth mum's & children are meeting.

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