I need a good dentist - Urgent!

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Loopylooo Wed 01-Jul-09 13:51:38

Hi everyone! I'm in desperate need of a recommendation for a good dentist in or around Plymouth. Preferably one who would be pretty good with crowns, correct bite and that sort of thing.

You see I've had 2 quite expensive crowns fitted and neither are what I expected and one of them was totally wrong from the start. He did more work to one of them today and I'm still not happy so am desperate for a second opinion.

Thanks for reading!

spacepancakes Wed 08-Jul-09 13:00:03

I use an NHS dentist on North Hill called Fauchard House Tel:669160.
The whole family goes there and we have been very happy with them.
I think they are taking on new patients at the moment.
If you are receiving certain benefits they can treat you free too.

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