Feeling lonely...

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PeanutMummy22 Mon 03-Jun-13 18:30:28

Hiya, my name is Hannah and I'm 22. I moved to Plymouth in December 2012 and since moving me and my boyfriend have found out we are expecting our first baby in October this year. We are both absolutely over the moon and cannot wait to meet our little one. The problem is I don't work in Plymouth and have found meeting people really difficult. I am starting to feel a bit lonely and really wish I had my own group of friends I could escape to, as much as I love my boyfriend to bits sometime a girl just needs a coffee and a gossip with another girl!! If anyone knows of any clubs or groups I could join whilst pregnant or if anyone else in Plymouth is feeling the same I would really appreciate you letting me know. I'm fun and outgoing, not at all shy and really don't want to lose that side of me. Thank you smile xx

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