Please Help - Hairdressers in Plymouth

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Makinglists Mon 04-Jun-12 19:39:46

I've used Skin Deep in Plympton (just off the Ridgeway) and they have been very good. Good balance of trendy without being overly faffy (if that makes sense). Their salon is just off the Ridgeway. Don't think they have a beautician though.

UKSky Thu 31-May-12 23:17:13

I'm taking DD down to inlaws week after next, and I've got at least one whole day all to myself. They live in Plymstock.

I need a full set of hightlights/cut and dry
I'd also like to get a manicure, pedicure, eyebrows shaped and a facial.

Can anyone recommend me a salon and beautician (or a combined one) please.

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