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Rach868 Sun 12-Feb-12 22:39:56

Hi I've just moved to plymouth with my son Tyler, whose four months. We moved down as my husband is based here.
Am really wanting to meet some other mums in the area. My hubby is away at the minute so am missing my friends and home!

curiositykilledthekat Tue 14-Feb-12 15:47:23

Oh the joys of being a forces wife! I grew up in Crownhill so know the area well (my Mum and Dad still live there). I live only 5 minutes down the road now. My fiance is in the Navy, 5 months in to a 6 month deployment so will be home soon thankfully. I don't know if you have visited the family centre in Crownhill yet (just off the roundabout by the police station) but they offer brilliant support for forces families. They hold regular events and parties for children, families and friends of deployed/non-deployed units. They are called FAFDU for short. They also do a drop in clinic which used to be on a Tuesday morning called 'meet a mum' (I stopped going as I work on a Tuesday now) but I think they may have changed the day. I have 2 kids who are 9 years and 2 years old. I know how tough it is not having the other half around especially when the little ones are so young. My fiance was drafted to Scotland 2 weeks after my DS was born. How long is the hubby away for?

Rach868 Tue 14-Feb-12 19:45:28

Hi I havent been there yet, I had a leaflet through the door. Am going to get Tyler weighed Monday so will have to find it and actually go in!
Drafted away when they were only two weeks old, that is tough. I was lucky in that Mike got to come home from Afghan just before the birth and had three months leave. He's only in Exmouth but he's away sunday afternoon till Friday, which they never told us about much in advance as exmouth is just as close to my home town as Plymouth! You must be really looking forward to having him back, can't imagine what its like for the kids, especially the youngest, does he understand at all?

curiositykilledthekat Sat 18-Feb-12 16:46:25

Yeah that does seem a bit daft after moving all that way to Plymouth, at least you get the weekends together. It's a really great city though. Spoilt for choice with the nice beaches and the moors being really close, I cant wait till the warmer weather comes and get out in the fresh air! Your hubby might know my brother in law as he is in the marines at Lympstone, he comes home near enough every night (spends a fortune on petrol mind you!). Jon is back 3 weeks on Tuesday but it is really starting to drag now. He gets 8 weeks off once he's back. I really dont know how Jamie (my youngest) is going to react, he wasnt even talking when he left but now he is chatting away- a totally different child so it will be a shock for both of them! I bought a few books to read to him from Amazon about parents being away in the forces which help a little but I still dont think he understands. It is really tough when they are so young. Have you seen much of your family since you moved down? Must be hard being away from them, although it may get a bit easier once you are settled.

Hi, I know this thread is a few months old, but wondered how you were doing. Have you tried the baby and toddler group in the Methodist church in Crownhill village? It runs on Tuesday and Friday mornings, costs £2 but you do get coffee, biscuits and raffle tickets with that. Very friendly group, we go on Fridays when it's a bit quieter apparently! They have loads of toys, craft tables and singing/raffle time at the end.
The couple who run it organise quite a few outings etc and are very generous at Christmas/Easter.

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