Private labour wards in Plymouth?

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Littledink Sun 05-Feb-12 17:33:44

Hi folks,

I'm starting to think about the plan and where I may have my baby, getting nice and organised!

I know Derriford has the usual NHS wards, but I don't really fancy just a curtain between myself and the other mums - I'd feel so much more comfortable in my own little room. However, I cannot seem to find any private labour wards in the area.

Has anyone heard of any? I fancy a water birth, or certainly the chance to use a birthing pool during the labour if not for the actual birth.

Thanks very much!!!

LittlePebble Sun 12-Feb-12 19:28:56

At Derriford you spend the whole of your labour and a couple of hours post birth in your own room, you only move onto a ward afterwards. I was worried about no privacy but by the time you have your baby etc it's quite nice being near other mums as your DH can't stay overnight. Sorry cant help more with info on private rooms.

oooggs Sun 12-Feb-12 19:33:52

I had my own room with dts but when I had dc4 I went onto a ward and actually preferred it as not so lonely and isolated.

Sorry didn't answer that very well!!!

Littledink Thu 16-Feb-12 17:03:29

Oh I don't mind afterwards so much, it's the during bit i'm a bit anxious about. Maybe i'll speak to the midwife about it at my next appointment, but that's put my mind at rest! Thanks ladies! xxx

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