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berkotopsy Tue 10-May-11 14:20:25

Hello, we are thinking of moving to Liskeard. Any mums there? Any good baby groups/ music clubs? My LO is 9 months old. Thanks!

lilypink2 Sat 28-Apr-12 17:37:21

Hi sorry not been on for awhile..I agree sounds like a good idea too smile

missmaviscruet Thu 31-May-12 22:13:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lkane0 Tue 31-Jul-12 17:31:22

Hi girls, I'm also planning a move to Cornwall! Am reading threads to try to make the excitement bigger than the nerves, and this is helping :0) I wanted to get on this thread early doors, so I can meet up with some of you lovely MNers when we move down. We're moving to St. Austell at the start of January...

Roamingkiwi Fri 28-Sep-12 21:19:12

Hi. We are moving to Liskeard in 2 weeks from Chesham. Wondering how you have all managed and if you are settled? Also where has the best coffee?

hanbee Fri 05-Oct-12 21:50:20

Hi all,

This thread is really old but I just happened back upon it and noticed some new posts - hello! Roamingkiwi, you will be nearby to me so do PM me if you read this . lkane0 I really feel this is my home although I do miss some things from where I lived before. I got out as much as I could to meet people and that really helped. Also running a business from home has meant I was too busy to be lonely at the beginning. I like Seasons cafe in Liskeard the best, and Cafe Fleur in Looe.

morbidhamster Tue 05-Feb-13 22:40:31

Hi all,

I know this thread is getting on a bit, but I'm really pleased to see there have been some fairly recent posts.

I live in Liskeard, and have done on and off for years. However, most of my friends are School/Uni friends (live away), or NCT/Active birth friends (live in Plymouth or similar), and I'd really like to have a local friendship circle.

I have two children, aged 4 and 17 (!), and work 3 or 4 days a week. I love my job, and although it's very sociable, it doesn't really allow for friendships outside of work.

Looking for like minded people who'd be up for meeting for coffee, drinks, dog walks, beach trips etc. Who knows, maybe even gym buddies, book club etc.

Does anyone fancy linking/meeting up?

CAMPAULBOO Mon 22-Jul-13 17:10:54

hi I am moving to liskeard in 3 weeks 12th august with my partner Paul and daughter Katie (10) who will b going to the comp school in sept,

we don't know any one apart from my step son and wanting to know what it is like to live there, I know nothing of the area as live in Nottinghamshire atm and lived in newquary area 6 years ago,

MrsGJunior Mon 05-Aug-13 20:22:31

Hi there, I've just had an offer accepted on a house near Upton Cross. If all goes smoothly we hope to be moving down there in a couple of months. I have a 3.5 year old and 5 month old. Can anyone recommend schools, preschools, music/dance groups?

Divingkat404 Wed 04-Sep-13 20:28:24

Hi MrsGJunior
I am also moving to the area to Menheniot in about a month fingers crossed so if anyone does have some recommendations that would be much appreiciated

fosterhome Fri 06-Sep-13 14:39:00

I have a daughter at the school and it is really good. The village has lots going on, and play group is good but only operates during school term which is limiting if you work.

lyndsey1982 Thu 19-Sep-13 22:24:57

Hi everyone, me and my partner are hopefully moving to Liskeard in May with our lo who will be 18 months old. We are coming all the way from Essex as my mum lives in Boscastle but can imagine its going to be very different! can anyone give me some advice or share their experiences with me regarding meeting people, toddler groups, nursery's etc. i will know no one and would like to get an idea of mum groups/social activities for us and our lo. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you.x

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