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jobean6 Tue 16-Nov-10 22:55:44

How old should my little boy be to go to a toddler group. He's not walking yet but cruises and can stand unaided for a few seconds so i feel like a baby group would be too boring for him but worried a toddler group would be too advanced.
Also does anyone know of any nice groups around St Leven Road area other than the ones at the SureStart centre at Morice town? Thanks.

AnonInPlym Wed 17-Nov-10 10:05:58

I took DS to a toddler group and a pre walker group from the age of 5 months. It really doesn't matter how old they are.

The toddler group I started at did have babies as well and the CC did tell me that that was the group that had more babies as well as toddlers. They have all grown up together so they are at the same stages now.

There is one on Ryder Road called Little Toasties on Mondays at 1-3. I haven't been but I know people who have and that is suppose to be a nice group. You will find babies and toddlers of any ages at these groups so I wouldn't worry too much.

There is also one in Admiralty Street on a Tuesday afternoon 1.30-3.30 called Babalicious that is suppose to be good and have some babies as well as toddlers.

jobean6 Wed 17-Nov-10 10:52:45


lukesmumm Thu 20-Jan-11 17:19:43

Hi i love in the devonport area and was wonering if anyone no's of a toddler group i can go to with my little one?

lukesmumm Thu 20-Jan-11 17:20:42


dizzy21 Fri 21-Oct-11 23:13:45

hi not sure whats on at devonport but in torpoint there are baby and toddler groups at the childrens center at torpoint community collage and at torpoint liabuary there is story time on wednesdays 2 o clock

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