Anyone live near Ivybridge?

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MrsOnTheMove Sun 17-Oct-10 22:23:17

We are relocating to Devon (from Worcestershire) in a couple of months. I have previously posted on the Exeter pages as that is where husbands new job is. However after lots of searching we seemed to have narrowed down an area with Totnes, Kingsbridge or Ivybridge secondary schools - big area... I know grin looking very closely at Holbeton.

We will be renting initially (renting our house out) DD's age 6 and 8 - does any one have any opinion on primary schools or good places to live. There doesn't seem to be much available confused Should say one of the main reasons for the move is to live by the sea... no towns/cities we are used to living in small villages.

Devendra Sat 23-Oct-10 16:01:53

Holberton primary school is extremely sought after. Really nice village but pretty quiet and rural. Personally i would not send my child to school in Kingsbridge.. Ivy and Totnes have ok reputations. I work in the community in the South Hams so have a pretty good knowledge. Totnes is pricey but there are lots of villages close by..Ivy is cheaper. Totnes is definately better for shopping but has a reputation for being a bit of a hippy haven (I love it!!!) South Brent is lovely and right in the middle of the two, Also Ashburton and Buckfastleigh are worth a look.
Good luck!!!

Devendra Sat 23-Oct-10 16:04:12

Just re-read your post.. villages nearby that are lovely... Ugborough, Ermington, Modbury (very lovely) Aveton Gifford all between Kingsbridge and Ivybridge.

Devendra Sat 23-Oct-10 16:04:36

And you are right.. housing is in short supply.

TraLa369 Mon 30-Jan-12 14:41:56

We are also hoping to relocate down to the south hams area from Berkshire. I just wondered why you wouldn't send your children to schooling kingsbridge? Is modbury school nice?

julietbat Tue 31-Jan-12 13:07:42

I don't know anything about the primary schools in those areas but for secondary education Kingsbridge, Ivybridge or Kevics are all excellent schools (I'm a secondary school teacher, although not at any of those schools so I'm not touting for customers!). You can't go far wrong with any of them. Not always the case for secondary education so you're in a lucky position smile

Darling42 Sat 24-Mar-12 21:13:37

I live in Ivybridge and have done so for the past 20 yrs, both my children went to Woodlands Park Primary School in Ivy, One was(and still is) a very high acheiver and she was well and truly catered for, the youngest was (and still is) on an IEP and was also well and truly catered for. Both of them then went on to Ivybridge Community College and the oldest has been accepted for Southampton Solent Uni thanks to the help and support of the teachers and the youngest has applied for 6th form taking only 3 A Levels (a bit unusual but because of his SEN needs has been well and truly catered for and encouraged by his teachers). There are some very good primary schools in Ivy but unfortuantly not much choice to be able to spread your wings for secondary education. Hope this might help,smile

DorisIsWaiting Sat 24-Mar-12 21:26:16

Hi Tra La

You may be better posting your own thread as it'd likely that the posters have moved on or named changed now.

Ivybridge does have an excellent reputation locally, I've not really heard much about Kingsbridge but my dc are still in Primary.

Good Luck with the move it's lovely here!

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