Derriford or Torbay - any views???

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CupcakesHay Tue 27-Jul-10 19:41:42


I'm due end of Jan 2011, and I've been given a choice of Derriford or Torbay. I live aborad as my husband works for Foreign Office, so I'm coming to Devon as my parents live there....

BUT - i have no idea how to choose.... does anyone have any advice or point of view they'd care to share?


PestoEatsPasties Tue 27-Jul-10 19:43:55

Won't it depend on whereabouts you'll be living. I mean those are quite a distance apart, you'll want the closest to you, surely?

CupcakesHay Tue 27-Jul-10 19:58:35

Only a mile or so in it - My parents are in kingsbridge - so 16 miles to one and 17 to the other!

PestoEatsPasties Wed 28-Jul-10 09:54:15

bump for yooooo

Devendra Mon 09-Aug-10 06:40:29

I have had 2 very positive experiences of Derriford. Its also really easy to get to (road links etc) Torbay deoesnt have abrilliant reputation and I know its a nightmare to get to... hope that helps! Much easier to get to Plymouth from KB, the roads are straight through.

ben5 Mon 09-Aug-10 06:49:27

had ds2 at derriford. the room was big and if anything does go wrong they have a great special care unit. the staff were frindly. i would have another child there( but very unlikely to!!those days are over!!). the only problem is parking at derriford. it's a nightmare and expensive. have no idea if torbay is easier.
have heard that derriford has a new one way system that seemed to be a nightmare but haven't lived there for a year.
my mum and dad have been to torbay, not to have a baby of course!! but there experince was good.( my dad was taken in by amblance the last 2 times so they didn't really have a problem with parking!) they said the staff were friendly and the food wasn't to bad
good luck

carve133 Tue 10-Aug-10 14:18:33

Derriford. Definitely. DH has worked as a paediatrician in both.

Good luck smile

DetectivePotato Fri 13-Aug-10 09:50:51

Derriford has shut one of their maternity wards (to turn it into a gynae ward) so now they only have one. My friend said it is total chaos there. People are having c sections and going within 1 or 2 days as there just isn't the room.

Don't know anything about Torbay though.

sungirltan Sat 14-Aug-10 21:53:07

had horrid crash c section at derrifod last year. otherwise theres not much in it except iirc if anything oes wrong at torbay you might end up at R D & E in exeter because they have more equipment.

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