Any Mums near Oundle?

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luciemule Wed 24-Feb-10 14:36:50

Just wondering if there are any mums near Oundle - not Peterborough but either Oundle or nearby village?

msmeffie Thu 25-Feb-10 13:04:14

Hi lucie,
I live near oundle... i think we may have talked before (sort of) as I emailed you a while ago about being a doula, as Im one too...


luciemule Thu 25-Feb-10 14:46:16

Aha! Hello. Did you get my reply? Hope it worked as our laptop has been a bit iffy over the last couple of months. If not, I just said that I'd stopped working as a doula for now as business was really slow.
How is your business going - better than mine hopefully?!

msmeffie Tue 02-Mar-10 09:36:30

Thats not good ( Your advertising was everywhere, I cant believe that you didnt get any clients.

Are you going into other work now then? If you still have capacity to doula, and I get bookings you might be able to work under my organisation? We're at


msmeffie Tue 02-Mar-10 09:37:06

Lol that was meant to be a sad face. Try again!

BigusBumus Sat 20-Mar-10 08:42:02

Hello, bit late I know, but I am moving to Oundle in the summer! When the house is sold and other one bought etc etc...

luciemule Wed 31-Mar-10 09:36:06

Sorry bigusbumus (love the name!)
I lost this thread as it left the screen so didn't know you had posted.
Message me when you get here if you like and we can meet up for a coffee.

eirewego Thu 01-Apr-10 22:25:32


Just came across your thread earlier. I'm a Mum-to-Be in June and looking for other Mums in and around Oundle or nearby villages. It's all a bit daunting and was just looking for other Mums / Mums-to-be to share experiences with!

luciemule Fri 02-Apr-10 12:34:20

Hi Eirewego - I think you'll be invited by Sue the nursery nurse to go to the postnatal group at the methodist church up until your baby is one. They have speakers, local businesses to do with babies etc and you can also weigh your baby or ask her to help with any probs you're having. I think numbers are normally quite good (10-15) so it's a great way to meet new mums.
If you're in the area already and still feeling a bit daunted, I'd be happy to meet up with you for a coffee if you like. Anyway - let me know and we can arange a meet up if you like. If not, feel free to ask me anything on I have lived in Oundle all my life (I'm 32) and although we moved away for 11 yrs when I got married, we moved last year and live near the town centre.

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