Any Peterborough MN'ers out there?

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coppertop Wed 27-Jun-07 13:57:24

Don't leave me in here by myself.

JHKE Thu 28-Jun-07 17:19:26

I'm from Peterborough!...

sparklesandwine Thu 28-Jun-07 18:00:23

hi i'm near p'boro but there don't seem to be many of us about from round here!

coppertop Thu 28-Jun-07 22:46:53

Either that or they're all in hiding.....

Birdly Mon 16-Jul-07 08:13:34

I'm quite near too... Am only just getting to grips with Mumsnet Local. Who's our Tsarina?! Is it you, Coppertop?

Weeniepiepink Mon 16-Jul-07 13:20:42


I'm from peterborough!

cornflakegirl Sat 28-Jul-07 22:07:59

I'm in PB too - hello!

DH wants to know if anyone else finds the Rory Bremner joke about PB being made the capital of England really funny...?

Leo35 Mon 06-Aug-07 19:36:45


not in PBoro but near-ish. Near enough to spend too much time in John Lewis!

MumTo3Boyz Sat 18-Aug-07 10:22:14

Hi I live in Peterborough too.

JHKE Sat 18-Aug-07 19:41:24

Where abouts does everyone live in Peterborough? I live in Orton Wistow

MumTo3Boyz Tue 25-Sep-07 21:21:51


NAZA123 Thu 11-Oct-07 21:06:01

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MumTo3Boyz Mon 28-Jan-08 16:05:41

Are there any Peterborough mums on here?

imaginewittynamehere Tue 29-Jan-08 18:19:42

Hello - I'm nearly in Peterborough

moodywren Wed 30-Jan-08 19:25:49

I am near Peterborough, just outside Spalding

MumTo3Boyz Thu 31-Jan-08 09:31:29

Imagine where abouts are you from?

Im about 5 mins from the city center.

Do either of you come in to Peterborough much?

imaginewittynamehere Thu 31-Jan-08 14:12:14

Hello Mumto3boyz & moodywren.
I live in the middle of nowhere not far from Warmington - come into Peterborough about twice a month

fensmum Thu 21-Feb-08 09:35:39

Hi all,im not far from peterborough,are there any mums near bourne way?

MaryEllen2008 Sun 02-Mar-08 20:01:13

Hi i've just joined and i'm live in the east of p/boro.

LolaEmy Sun 09-Mar-08 08:27:29

Hi, i live in Deeping not far from from P'boro/Spalding etc just joined this morning! Anyone nearby want to say 'hi'?!

suzie71 Sat 22-Mar-08 10:21:49

Hello I'm in Deeping too

maz81 Mon 14-Apr-08 09:07:10

Hiya everyone
I'm new to MN and live in Peterborough smile

coppertop Tue 15-Apr-08 22:55:09

<waves to the P'borough MNers>

val101 Wed 16-Apr-08 09:42:08

Hi I'm in Werrington

YummMumm Wed 23-Apr-08 19:03:37

Hi All!! So there are some of us in the Peterborough area afterall

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