What are your family's favourite board games?

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LocalEdPeterborough Mon 09-Oct-17 11:08:58

We were at a board game cafe on Saturday and it makes such a inference to try out the games before buying for home. Games I thought my son might like were a flop. At least I hadn't bought it yet.

Our current favourites are:

JamSumo - a dice flicking game
Each game is handmade to order

This is like those puzzles in kids magazines but each player chooses the path by laying down a tile. The aim is to follow a path that stays on the board. Easy to understand (for me)

Rapidough - very funny game like charades but with playdoh.

What do you enjoy playing at home?

I would love to read your recommendations and favourites.

Best wishes

Arinjo Wed 11-Oct-17 18:50:26

Firm family favourites are The game of life, Uno, monopoly (not my favourite but the children love it), scrabble (well, that's my favourite!).

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