Moving to Peterborough with children:-)

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DorJac Mon 04-Jan-16 17:16:21

We are moving there in six months, my husband works in London but we're looking for something smaller to live in.
If you could give me any information about good primary schools there (my older is 6, younger 2 years old) and the best location in the city. The best means sedate, quiet neibourhood. We love peace:-)
Is there any good childcare for our younger?
Thank you for any help!

Suebedo Thu 07-Jan-16 20:27:54

If your DH is commuting, I presume you mean in Peterborough rather than one of the villages.
I'd suggest Woodston (where we live) or Fletton. It's not far to the train station, there's quite a few playgroups and things to do and you're close to the river. Glinton is nice too but might be a bit far to the station. North of the river there are a few nice bits but they tend to be lacking in facilities.
I'm not sure you'll get quiet and sedate here but maybe it is by London standards smile
Schools- DS is only 2 but Brewster Avenue infants in good as is the school at Sugar Way (I forget the name but it serves the popular new estate of Sugar Way in Woodston, also a great place for kids if you like new build houses). Glinton schools are good too.
There are some good private nurseries and plenty of child minders.
Feel free to PM me. I've lived here 14 years.

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