Head lice

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sallyxxxxx Mon 27-Jul-15 11:05:07

Hi all i`m very new to mumsnet and in need of some advice...
My daughter is nearly 4 and attends nursery, last week she picked up headlice and they have been treated 3 times since, no active or live headlice left in her hair anymore... She has lots of thick hair and has some eggs still remaining as i`m trying to pick these out daily and again i will say no live headlice.
Does anybody know the guidlines on nursery rules?? Shes now been sent home from nursery today and last week as they are saying the eggs are still in her hair??? is this right??
I cant see how have NO live lice warrents a child to be sent home?
Please help as it`s getting rather frustrating as a full time worker.
Many thanks

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