Where to move? I'll work in Kingscliffe and Hubby Central London

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FidoDido75 Mon 11-Feb-13 14:30:39

Hi There,
I will start working in Kingscliffe within a couple of months and trying to decide where to move within a 20 mile radius maximum mainly towards east and south east. I will be driving and my husband will be commuting to London King?s Cross during the week.
I have a 14 m old DD and a 3 y old DS, so will appreciate any suggestions on nice areas with good schools. We will be renting and our budget is up to £800-900 though would love anything less expensivesmile We haven?t lived rural until now and not so keen now as well.
I am also desperate for your advice on nurseries and childminders on the suggested location as well.

LucyLight Thu 21-Feb-13 23:04:57

Not exactly sure where Kingscliffe is. I live south of peterborough - Alconbury just down the A1. We do live in a rural area with very good transport links - both my husband and I travel to different places for work and it is near the A14 and A1. It is also quick to the station in Huntingdon and easy to park. Unless you live in central Peterborough and can walk, driving and parking at the station is difficult in rush out. We came here from London and have loved it. I was worried about living in a village and it has worked out really well and is safe.
THe school is really good (good at stretching and providing extra support as well - have experienced both ends with both my children) and there are great childminders. There is also a playgroup in the village - which I think was recently awarded Outstanding by ofted (as was my childminder). Hope that helps.. pre school we used a v good nursery..
Good secondary schools as well -

FidoDido75 Fri 08-Mar-13 00:57:34

Thanks LucyLight, your message has been an eye opener. I extended my house hunting towards St Neots. Which car park do you use at Huntingdon? How much do you pay annually?

LucyLight Tue 12-Mar-13 16:04:17

Sorry not been on for a while...we use the carpark opposite the station and is v reasonable. (sorry can't tell you the price off the top of my head - it is cheaper than the station car park.) You can always get a seat at Huntingdon and I think that is a bit less likely at St Neots. It takes about 50 mins to London on a fast train - I go about once a week - husband about twice a week.
I personally, wouldn't live in Huntingdon or St Neots but in one of the villages. (I'm biased - ours is really nice!) We go out/shopping in Peterborough and Cambridge - it's about half way here. Daughter starting secondary school in Peterborough in September - one stop on the train.
We moved here from London and it took a little bit of getting used to - It is different not just being able to choose from a variety of restaurants on your doorstep and there are great places to shop and go - you just need to get recommendations....

madmarchhair Tue 26-Mar-13 11:41:22

Quite a late message, but you may pick it up.

I have friends with children in Kings Cliffe. They are very happy living there,and with the primary school. All the villages around this area are very pretty. Stamford is close for shopping.King's school in Peterborough is a very good state secondary. You have to pick the area you live in Peterborough carefully if you decide you want to live in the city (see other local threads).

My dh also prefers Huntingdon to Peterborough for commuting to London. Cheaper and easier to park. We live in Oundle, just south of Peterborough, which is within 20 miles of Kings Cliffe. It is bigger than Kings Cliffe and is a lovely place to live and also has a great primary school . The school has before school breakfast club and after school care and school holidays are covered by the local nursery Small Wonders which we have been happy with for preschool as well. School breakfast club starts at 8am, although Small Wonders also do a breakfast club from 7.30am and after school finishes at 6pm.

Dh drives to the station in about 1/2 hr.

Have a look at these threads for Huntingdon area. Advantage is closer proximity to Cambridge and the station, but further for you. Agree about getting a seat is much better at Huntingdon than St Neots so your dh would be better here.

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