My Ironing Lady is Fab!!!!

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rachmbella Sun 14-Nov-10 10:25:41

I forgot to say, she is based in Farcet, Peterborough and you can contact her on 01733 241681

rachmbella Sun 14-Nov-10 10:24:15

I'd just like to recommend my ironing lady, Hazel.
Unlike most of the others I've tried, she charges by the hour (£6.50), not by item or weight. She is very honest with the time it takes, I have never felt over charged by her, I sometimes think she undercharges!!
She is very friendly and quick (she has always had it ready when i've asked for it). Also she collects and delivers locally to her.
She was recommended to me by a friend so I know she has other references if needed.
As a Mum of a 16 month old boy who is a muck magnet, I know if I didn't have her I'd still be ironing at 10pm!!!

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