in a jam, scone.

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southernMamsy Wed 01-Aug-12 07:19:02

hello all,

I have just relocated to Scone, just outside Perth from Gloucestershire, england (400 odd miles!). my husband has just started a job at the hospital in Perth - hence the move.

we moved at quite short notice and because of the distance we couldn't see the area, or even view our new house, before moving! considering all this it has gone really well - lovely area and nice house luckily...

my husband was born near Dumfries, but I am a total newcomer to Scotland, apart from the odd visit. this area is so beautiful, I still can't believe that I live here and aren't just on holiday! everyone has been really friendly, but it is just starting to sink in that I really don't know anybody here...
I have moved from a very child friendly area, with both mum and mum-in-law just down the road, and am feeling a bit out on a limb!

could anyone help with groups/meeting other mums etc? my little one is 7 months old, and I have a car so it doesn't have to be in Scone or Perth itself.
would also like to get active again, are there any gyms with creches, or exercise classes where I could bring the little one along?

thank you so much!
look forward to hearing from/meeting local mums!


stargirl1701 Wed 01-Aug-12 07:32:04


Welcome to Perthshire! There are lots of groups in Perth - I'm not sure about Scone. Pick up a copy of the Perthshire Advertiser and have a look at the community pages. I'm due with my first baby in Sep and have discovered the following groups:

Monday - Hoot & Toot at Perth Theatre
Tuesday - Sing & Sign at Perth Yoga Space
Wednesday - Bookbug Rhymetime at AKBell library and Baby Sensory
Thursday - NCT group at New Row and Buggy Walk at North Inch
Friday - Baby Swimming at Perth Leisure Pool and Post Natal Yoga at Perth Yoga Space

Hope that gives you a starting point.

Cumbrianlass2 Thu 30-Aug-12 22:14:46

Perth Leisure Pool has a great creche, my two have always loved going in there and Lisa the main carer is brilliant with them. Costs £1.25 for an hour and you can swim, use the gym or the other fitness stuff they have there.

redastra Sun 02-Sep-12 00:23:47

HI Bryony!

We also recently moved to Perth due to husbands job (he is at Ninewells)! I have a 4 year old DD who is at nursery a couple of days a week! We have met some lovely people since we move and are settling in well.

I don't have a lot of info about toddler groups, but if you fancy meeting for a coffee let me know!


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