Can anyone recommend an architect and builder?

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Fourstickymitts Thu 15-Sep-11 23:13:02


Recently moved to the area and we're buying a house which is in a lovely location but slightly too small for our needs. We have two DS and need more space, so an extension is on the cards. Luckily it has big plot and land, so space outside isn't an issue.

Nothing too Grand Designs, more moving around a slightly awkward layout in a old cottage and adding to an existing extension to the old part of the building.

We've never done any building work on this sort of scale before, so would be grateful if anyone could suggest an architect and/or builder who'd they'd perhaps had doing work for them and had a good experience?

We're south/central of Perth, without outing myself. grin

serishana Mon 07-Nov-11 17:06:23

Corryard Developments did something similar for me (in Glenfarg) and now I've got them lined up for a barn conversion. They are fantastic - based in Crieff. They work really hard and have won national awards for their work. Google them and you'll find their website. I don't know if you can PM me, but if so I can give more details.

BrodiesMummy1 Wed 07-Dec-11 16:03:57

Hi, I can recceomend James Denholm architects based in Comrie -

mogst Thu 03-May-12 15:02:20

Hi did you get anyone?

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