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JohnHunter Tue 30-Aug-16 16:08:15

I'm currently living with my family in Oxford and now have a reasonable idea of how it "works" and the different areas. I now know which areas are populated with young professionals, families, the affluent, and not-so-affluent, etc.

I am now exploring the possibility of moving out of Oxford so that we can afford a little more space. I think we will need to stay close to a town (e.g. not one of the smaller villages) as my wife is already missing London...

Does anyone have any thoughts, e.g:

-Is there just one centre in Abingdon or a number of smaller centres with shops, cafes, etc?
-Are there different residential areas of Abingdon? What type of person lives where?
-Any major differences between Oxford and Abington as a place to live?

Many thanks !!

Sinkingfeeling Wed 31-Aug-16 11:36:56

There's one main centre in Abingdon, around the market square, though a few other small parades of shops, e.g. at Peachcroft. I don't live in Abingdon but go there a lot as that's where most of the DC clubs are based. It's very different to Oxford! Market town v university city. Have you visited?

Imavinoops Thu 01-Sep-16 10:07:39

I live in West Abingdon, close to the retail parks and it's quite nice around here.
North Abingdon is the "nicer" part of Abingdon and South Abingdon is probably the least desirable (or so I have heard and get the impression of really)
Much of Abingdon seems to be family homes but there are flats situated in many areas if you were looking for something a little smaller.
Oxford is much busier and speedier than Abingdon (not that it's overly slow and drowsy here haha)
Abingdon is a market town as opposed to a bit city full of students, tourists and young professionals.

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