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JohnHunter Sat 20-Aug-16 21:52:26

This is also posted with MN Oxford ( so please delete if cross posting isn't allowed.

My wife and I are currently in Oxford and trying to determine whether or not to stay here for the next few years. We have a two year old son and so need to consider school catchment areas.

There is obviously a thriving independent sector in North Oxford and beyond but there also appears to be a cult following around Phil and Jim's, i.e. SS Philip and James’ Church of England Primary School. In particular, I have spoken to lots of families wanting to move into the Phil and Jim's catchment area.

Interestingly, all previous Ofsted inspections have awarded the school a "good" grade rather than "outstanding". I don't imagine (for one moment) that Ofsted has the final say on school quality but I am curious to learn what its (very positive) local reputation is based upon.

I would also be interested to know whether most state primary schools permit visits from potential parents. It's difficult to make moving / catchment area decisions without seeing the local schools. The independent schools are (perhaps unsurprisingly) a lot more forthcoming about how to visit.

CookieDoughKid Sun 21-Aug-16 11:32:02

I think good primary schools would welcome visits so you shouldn't worry about that. Not all 'good' ofsted ratings are the same. If you look at the ofsted report for Goring Primary school, the language used is very very positive. They use lots of 'excelling' words and other superlatives. The school was so close to being outstanding grade of ofsted. Other good ofsted schools don't have such good performance on stat results like Goring school so not all ofsted ratings are same IMO.

In general Oxfordshire state primaries are good. I would save your money go to primary state school and see what your options are after that.

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