Where to live near Chandlings

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NewEnglandMum3 Fri 22-Apr-16 07:56:15

Our family is moving to Oxfordshire and our DD and DS will likely attend Chandlings in Sept. We're considering many communities to settle but would like to narrow it down! We love Dorchester, Abingdon, (and Summertown, but don't relish that ride to/from school) also thought to consider the Iffley area in South Oxford. Not sure if villages like Hamden Clifton, Sutton Courtenay or Long Wittenham would feel too tiny for me as I quite like being able to walk to shops and cafes from out my door. Any suggestions/thoughts on these communities or others that are social, have shop, pubs, and some sort of centre- and are also near to Chandlings?

Sinkingfeeling Wed 18-May-16 21:15:30

Kennington is practically next door to Chandlings. Not the most picturesque village perhaps but has a thriving local community with lots of clubs and activities, is on main bus route between Abingdon & Oxford and has lots of lovely walks in Bagley Wood and by the river.

NewEnglandMum3 Wed 18-May-16 22:08:15

Thanks, Sinkingfeeling, could you say the same for Sandford? We're looking closely at that village and have probably ruled out Kennington. Sandford looks lovely (from what I can find on the web!) though it does seem quieter but hopefully there is still a friendly community there.

Sinkingfeeling Wed 18-May-16 22:30:14

Yes, Sandford is nice too. There's a fantastic weekly farmer's market in the village hall (Talking Shop) and a good pub (Kings Arms). Also v near the river for good walks. It's very close to Chandlings as the crow flies, but a bit more of a pain to drive to in rush hour.

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