Primary school decisions - Chinnor/Princes Risborough

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wackydacky Thu 19-Nov-15 09:28:54

Hi. Moving to the area between Chinnor and Princes Risborough from London very shortly. We have done a lot of school research. It's hard as our child is already at primary school so is an in year admission so we are slightly tied by where there is space. Our son is currently at private school but the private options locally didn't seem that wonderful. Maybe I'm wrong. St Teresa's seemed sweet but perhaps not that sporty for a boy. I loved St Andrew's in Chinnor but can't work out if it really is a lovely school (and academic) our son is quite academic. The other option is Longwick primary which seemed nice but a little less pushy. Bledlow Ridge is currently full and seemed only about the results but maybe I"m wrong and it's a super happy school too!

Advice much appreciated. Gut is to go for St Andrew's and see where we get to. Also looking for like minded parents who juggle work/commute/kids etc I suppose!

Help gratefully received.


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