Mariposa Saying Goodbye Service, Westminster Cathedral, Sun Nov 29th

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Oxfordshirelocaleditor Mon 17-Aug-15 20:41:47

special baby loss event that will be
> taking place at Westminster Cathedral, and I hoped that you could help
> me.
> The Mariposa Trust is one of the leading UK charities, with its core
> objective being to support people who have lost babies at any stage of
> pregnancy, at birth or in infancy. It was founded in 2012, by Zoe and
> Andy Clark-Coates, who saw a critical need to launch a new support
> organisation. With over 258,000 babies being lost yearly in the UK,
> the charity needed to be able to offer not only befriending and
> support, but also national baby loss remembrance services (called
> Saying Goodbye Services), which would all take place at Cathedrals and
> Minsters across the UK. Since its inception 45 services have taken
> place, and 2015 will see a further 25 in the UK and the USA.
> On Sunday, November 29th 2015 at Westminster Cathedral, The trust is
> holding a Saying Goodbye service. I am trying to spread the message
> about the service, as we want as many people who have been affected by
> this as possible to be able to attend.
> We know that as 1 in 4 women suffer miscarriage and baby loss, you
> will have contact with a significant number of people who have either
> personally suffered baby loss, or who have a partner or family member
> that has, so we wanted to ask if you would help us in promoting the
> service.
> So who is the service for?
> Anyone who has either personally lost a baby at any stage of
> pregnancy, at birth or in early years, or anyone who has been affected
> by a family members or friends loss. Whether the loss was recent, or
> 80 years ago everyone is welcome. Babies and children are also invited
> to come with their family, as the Saying Goodbye service is truly a
> family event for all.
> Would you be so kind as to promote the service to your readers and
> community, and possibly Tweet and post on Facebook about the event as
> well? If you feel able to also email any other people you know across
> the wider region, especially community leaders, who could promote to
> their networks over the coming weeks that would be so appreciated?
> To read more on the charity head to the the Saying Goodbye website,
> which you can find at: [1]. On the site you will
> also be able to see the fantastic set of Ambassadors and Advocates the
> charity have, including: The Archbishop of York, Lord Robert Winston,
> Nigella Lawson, Jools Oliver, Gabby Logan, J John, Mary Nightingale,
> Professor Lesley Regan, Julie Etchingham and more.
> The team can be contacted by email at if you
> have any questions.

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