Moving to Oxfordshire - advice on Didcot?

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JillSF Wed 23-Jul-14 20:40:43

I grew up in Oxford but moved away a few years ago. Now that we have a child (currrently 18m) we want to move back to be nearer my parents who still live in Botley. We're trying to decide what area to look at.
DH and I both commute to london so we want to be near a train station, but I also need to be able to get my son to grandparental childcare in Botley 1 day a week before work. We would be buying a house but our budget is no more than £200k so we can't afford anywhere v near Oxford centre. Our wishlist is for a 3 bedroom house (or 2 bed with extension or loft conversion potential) with a decent sized garden and to be able to get to childrens centres and local shops ideally on foot but if not by bus. Any advice on areas would be much appeciated.
We're considering Didcot (but put off by reports of it being scuzzy and bad traffic on the A34 to Oxford) or Kidlington (near new Parkway station but probably too expensive for us). Thanks in advance!

CookieDoughKid Wed 30-Jul-14 23:12:47

I'm moving to didcot and it's excellent for commute into London. You always get a seat!! Check out the Great Western Park and Lady Grove estates. Yes, it does suffer from being an industrial town with scuzziness but I think it's on the up with Science and Technnology business parks and recent demolition of towers. It's on Tue up. You can see this in the house prices!!

MrsAlwaysRight Fri 03-Oct-14 13:00:33

Didcot really isn't that bad! I think you will struggle to get a 3 bed within your budget as most 2 beds will be 200k plus.

Personally I would avoid Great Western Park as it is already getting a bad reputation for anti social behaviour and problem families. It is also a bit out of town and has for the time being has no facilities available that I'm aware of.

childrensservant Mon 29-Dec-14 12:06:12

what about the very eastern edge of didcot? The other side of the road to the Ladygrove estate? are there plans to develop that area, next to the golf course? Ive seen a house I really like for sale on N Bush Furlong?

MrsAlwaysRight Mon 29-Dec-14 15:43:13

I'm not sure if the future developments include that area near to the golf course. Depending where on North Bush Furlong the house is, it might be fairly close to an electricity pylon that is close to the junction of Abingdon Road and Tamar Way which might be of concern to you.

childrensservant Mon 29-Dec-14 17:51:41

ahh, the pylons. Yes, of course.
What is DGS like these days?

MrsAlwaysRight Mon 29-Dec-14 18:55:15

It has a very good reputation. I know two teachers there and they would send their own children there which I think is always a good sign! I would be happy to send mine too. HTH

childrensservant Mon 29-Dec-14 20:00:17

hmmmm. pylon looks like its at the other end of road to "my" house.
Will go and view it I think.
We are moving from a village near oxford, so am aware it will be different, but as the dc get older, I think they will rather be in a bigger place where they can get around independantly.
Also, logistically Didcot works better for us.

MrsAlwaysRight Mon 29-Dec-14 20:13:43

Lots of people moan about Didcot but it actually has a lot going for it. We have considered moving to a village but have decided that we will stay for the foreseeable future as it is so convenient with the kids. Ladygrove is a good location and it's easy and quick to walk into town from the estate. We can walk to their school in just a few minutes too.

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