Pancake day is upon us - how do you like yours?

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LocalEditorOxford Tue 25-Feb-14 11:45:51

So the discussion is raging here at Chez MNOxon - what's the best topping?
Here are the candidates so far:
- Classic lemon and caster sugar
- Trendy Chocoholic Nutella
- Classic with a syrup-twist - lemon and Golden Syrup
- Canadian inspired Vanilla ice cream & maple syrup
- Sugar-free Cheese (ham and/or tomato and/or spinach optional)

How do you like yours?

Ninjasling Mon 03-Mar-14 13:56:27

We had a little pancake day practice last night as Tuesdays are busy days for our family.

I had savoury cheese sauce and peas for my first pancake, followed with the classic lemon and caster sugar. Ever year I remember how simple and tasty pancakes for dinner can be and resolve to have them at other times of the year. Every year I don't :D

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