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purplehaze27 Sun 18-Oct-09 15:14:58

I'm helping a colleague recently made redundant get a new business started in the Banbury Area. I'd really appreciate knowing about any charity fundraising events such as school fetes or local groups where he could have a table and show the products with the aim of finding him a few customers. They're Forever Living's natural health and beauty products. He would of course be happy to donate to the charity's funds. Any ideas?
Hazel Loutsis 01491 614272

twinklytoes Sun 18-Oct-09 19:52:48

we'd be interested - may still have space at our christmas bazaar. email adam at ocfs _ pta @ live. co. uk with all the details. we do a spring event too, so even if there's no space now we'll keep them on the mailing list.

the local soft play - rugrats and halfpints have visiting businesses so would be worth a call - ask for vicky.

also contact the local council, there's loads of events throughout the year where they look for local businesses to share their wears - canal day, hobby horse festival, christmas craft fair etc

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