Anyone in Woodstock?

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incredibles Fri 14-Aug-09 09:11:13

Hello. We are thinking about Woodstock as a possible place to live, and are wondering what it's like to live there, what are the schools like (we have 2 dc aged 6 and 3), is it friendly? Dp and I will both be commuting into Oxford/Headington. At the moment we live in a smaller village (renting and looking to move as our lease will be up fairly soon) and are looking for somewhere with perhaps a bit more going on.

Would be great to hear from anyone there or who has lived there in the past? Thanks!

twinklytoes Fri 14-Aug-09 22:04:57

don;t live there but that's a bad route for commuting really. anything coming into the A40 roundabout at wolvercote can be a nightmare if you have jobs with "traditional" hours. you would also always get "hit" with the back up traffic from accidents on the a34 or M40 - can be a pain if you've got a "small" window to collect children from childcare.

I work in headington and commute from the north of the county - I avoid the A34 and the back roads through woodstock. the back road from summertown to kidlington to banbury is a good run into headington on the whole. also through wheatley, garsington, or reading sides of oxford for getting to headington.

Although I still spend the last 2hrs at work reguarly checking the travel websites to make sure I can get home in the hour I give myself to get the children. Have done this for the last 3yrs after I sat stationary on the A34 for four hours and racking up a huge bill with the childminder for late arrival sad

not much help but might give you a heads up if still looking at other villages, these routes would be best to look at and the surrounding villages.

incredibles Sat 15-Aug-09 11:40:57

Thanks twinklytoes, thats useful info about the routes. At the moment we live further out west towards Witney but I start and finish work late to try and miss out on most of the A40 traffic! (was thinking Woodstock might be an improvement, but probably wishful thinking, as still need to join the queues later on....).

Fours hours on the A34, what a nightmare for you....

I was thinking about Wheatley as it would be so handy for work, and looks like a nice place, but a couple of people I've spoken to have not been happy with the secondary school there.

twinklytoes Sat 15-Aug-09 19:40:38

well if you already do the witney run then woodstock would be a thousand times better as you really would only have to deal with the wolvercote roundabout grin

i've heard that about wheatley secondary schools too.

Sheeta Sat 15-Aug-09 19:47:03

ah, there are plenty of back roads you can take to totally avoid bad traffic, agree that the worst bottle-neck is the Wolvercote roundabout though. If you can largely avoid that, you should be fine. Also, avoid anywhere near the hospitals at school kick out time and 4pm, it's a ridiculous mass exodus from Headington School and the JR.

Incredibles - do you want my little rat run from Witney to Oxford? Saved me HOURS in commuting and I barely have to touch the A40

incredibles Sun 16-Aug-09 08:19:02

Thanks for the replies.

Sheeta, I would love to know your route smile.

At the mo, it takes me about 40 min commute, but I know it'll take longer after summer holidays, and much longer in winter.

Sheeta Sun 16-Aug-09 11:05:54

From Witney - go on the A44 past Eynsham Hall, Long Hanborough etc. Just before you get to Bladon there's a right turn for Cassington (it says single track road, but it isn't really). This comes out between Yarnton and Cassington. Turn right, and then take the next left into Bell Lane. Follow ALL the way to the end, and then turn left onto the A40 (it will drop you just before the roadworks). Carry on from there

Won't save you much time in the holidays, but makes all the difference during term time.

incredibles Mon 17-Aug-09 11:03:18

Thanks Sheeta, will definitely be giving that a try!

Anyone else around in the Woodstock area?

I geuss the sensible thing for us to do would be to move into Oxford itself, or if outside Oxford then somewhere on the right side for getting into Headington. I do like it here in West Oxfordshire though......

Sheeta Mon 17-Aug-09 12:39:27

that's OK, which route do you take into Headington?

West Oxfordshire is nice, isn't it. We've also looked at places just east of Oxford, but they end up being so expensive, and once you're outside the ring road, you're into the villages and the traffic's just as bad coming in from that side too tbh.

Oxford's just a nightmare in general I think grin

Sorry, no knowledge of Woodstock really, have you thought of Kidlington?

Sounds like a move to Old Headington could be the option

incredibles Mon 17-Aug-09 13:21:53

To get into Headington, I take the A40 all the way round to Headington roundabout, then go in on the London road and take a short cut to work through the side roads. Its not too bad as I do go in a bit later.

I havent thought about Kidlington, never been there apart from the big Sainsbury's... I should take a trip and have a look around.

Old Headington .....lovely but pricey! Also, thinking ahead to secondary schools, I'm not sure about the Cheney school, someone at work who lives around here has said to try and avoid it. Why is Oxford such a nightmare grin !!

Sheeta Mon 17-Aug-09 19:32:17

Oh, I heard something the other day about an east oxford school mergin with another, to make an academy? Sorry, can't remember any more details but may be worth checking out.

Yes, same as my route to Headington
(this is the bit where we find out we work in the same place, isn't it? wink

What about somewhere like Yarnton or Cassington?

incredibles Tue 18-Aug-09 23:17:23

When I get into work tomorrow I'll wave smile.

Don't really know them, but I think Yarnton and Cassington would be a bit too quiet for us/me.

The best options are probably to stay where we are (we are happy here, but maybe prefer somewhere a bit livelier/busier for the long term....?), or move into Oxford (which area/hard to get a school place for my 6 yr old).

No urgency to move, but school applications are due in November for my youngest, so if we are going to move then best to do it now I suppose.

choosyfloosy Tue 18-Aug-09 23:26:10

ooh come and live in west oxford

only if you like/can stand tiny bathrooms tho

i'm sure there'd be a place for your dc in ds's class, one of the kids is moving apparently smile

incredibles Wed 19-Aug-09 11:05:53

Hi Choosy,
I am used to tiny bathrooms, our current one is about 2.5ft by 6ft, with a bath, loo and sink squashed in!! So I would feel right at home in W Oxford, but dream of a bigger one, esp. a proper shower.....

choosyfloosy Wed 19-Aug-09 16:05:46

what about headington then? lovely place, and i've seen bathrooms there you can turn around in without your bottom bumping into the wall!

incredibles Wed 19-Aug-09 16:41:54

I wouldn't mind moving to Headington, and am sure I could find a bathroom to suit! My dp isnt keen as thinks its a bit too busy for him, he likes the quiet life whereas I prefer a bit more action! Do you know anything about the Cheney school for secondary (good/bad reports?)

choosyfloosy Wed 19-Aug-09 16:51:31

Oh sorry, I'd forgotten you'd already mentioned Cheney hesitations. Have never looked into it. Two parental comments; the previous chair of our primary school governing body (who obv lives in West Oxford) wanted her child to go to Cheney, but catchment area appears to rule in Oxford and she was furious about the lack of choice. And a friend whose daughter has just started primary school in Headington was saying she was unenthusiastic but resigned about Cheney. We didn't go into detailed reasons as a 5-yr-old scrap broke out at that point.

Secondary is a bit of a problem all across Oxford - in my view because of so many independent schools here but that's a highly biased opinion! I'm not hanging out the flags about ds going to Matthew Arnold either though it seems perfectly OK really.

incredibles Wed 19-Aug-09 17:16:22

Thanks for the info, there does seem to be a few issues about secondaries in Oxford, you wouldnt think so given the whole academic reputation of the city (agree perhaps because there are alot of independent schools then the state schools don't get the whole range of children).

Maybe I shouldnt worry so much about it, the schools may well get better/worse over the next few years.

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