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Soozy83 Mon 06-Jul-09 12:34:40

Well as the title suggests, we need a plumber, and after a few rubbish ones, we are at a loss as to a good one. As we have not been here all that long we don't have too many friends so have exhausted our search.
Someone suggested that we come on here and ask if anyone has any good recommendations for a good plumber in the Banbury area?????

So please help if you can.

We need a plumber that can ideally do a whole bathroom, start to finish, re tiling, fitting etc....

thanks in advance


twinklytoes Tue 14-Jul-09 23:55:45

you want the KITE family. they do everything and are my neighbours. well recommended. not sure if in yellow pages but will check. sorry don't have numbers as I just knock the door!

twinklytoes Wed 15-Jul-09 00:00:14

A.Kite, plumber I live next to his parents and he's tackled my kitchen sink when it disintegrated and did a very good job! I've seen the level of work in their parents home and know they can do a good job

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