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camillanotman Fri 19-Dec-08 18:06:40

I am a qualified Montessori teacher, and thinking about opening a Montessori nursery on a farm close to Chipping Norton. It will be open to children ranging from 2-5yrs. Anyone interested in their children having this form of education, and want to know more?

whomovedmychocolate Fri 19-Dec-08 20:44:57

I would!

I also know a few others locally who might be interested too.

Rindercella Fri 19-Dec-08 20:46:02

Yep, I am just down the road from Chippy and would be very interested.

camillanotman Fri 19-Dec-08 20:52:23

Excellent news!
Please spread the word! wink
How old is your kiddie, and what sort of sessions do you think you'll want?
I'd like to offer school hours rather than being day care, and hope that it doesn't rule out too many people?
Where do you live, if you don't mind me asking?

whomovedmychocolate Fri 19-Dec-08 21:14:13

2.2 the eldest.

We live in Barford St Michael

Would like two mornings a week - don't care about hours particularly as have 5 month old so no routine other than drudgery and tiredness.

Rindercella Fri 19-Dec-08 21:25:46

We're in Bloxham (so actually not very far from you at all WhoMoved!). DD is only 16 months at the moment, but I will want her in a nursery for a couple of half days a week next year. I am sure I know other local mothers who would be interested. Maybe you should try & have a chat at some of the local Mums & Tots groups, there's one in Hook norton on Friday mornings.

Good luck, and please keep us posted about any future opening.

camillanotman Fri 19-Dec-08 21:38:10

Thanks for your interest, will keep you

whomovedmychocolate Fri 19-Dec-08 21:38:50

Rindercella - would you like to come to my mums and tots group in Barford on Friday mornings? There's also a big one on Friday mornings at the Windmill centre, Deddington, however the majority of mums there send their kids either to Deddington Village Nursery or the CofE preschools in Bloxham/Deddington.

DD is in Deddington one morning a week but she's not very keen

Rindercella Fri 19-Dec-08 21:46:41

Ooh, WhoMoved, would love to. I currently go to the one in Hooky on a Friday morning, but am always up for meeting new people, and I have a very sociable little girl. What time does it start & where is it (I guess it won't be on for the next couple of weeks anyway?).

I have only decided in the last week or so that I would like DD in a nursery or childminders for a couple of mornings a week, mainly for her as she must be getting sick of the sight of me! So, I would be very interested indeed to hear of your (local) experiences. Sorry to hear your DD isn't enjoying nursery though.

whomovedmychocolate Fri 19-Dec-08 21:54:20

My house, first Friday in Jan - shall I CAT you details?

DD doesn't want to be separated from me - she'd happily live in my handbag if she could hmm. That's the only problem with the nurseries.

BlessThisMess Sat 20-Dec-08 21:48:18

Camillanotman - please please won't you consider opening it up to older children? I home educate my 2 DDs (7.5 and 4) and am considering school for them in Sept (long story) but would much much much much rather they went to a Montessori if poss!!! Depends on £££ of course.

BlessThisMess Sat 20-Dec-08 21:48:50

Camillanotman - please please won't you consider opening it up to older children? I home educate my 2 DDs (7.5 and 4) and am considering school for them in Sept (long story) but would much much much much rather they went to a Montessori part-time if poss!!! Depends on £££ of course.

BlessThisMess Sat 20-Dec-08 21:50:56

Oops! In the second message I inserted 'part-time' - (3-4 sessions per week?)

camillanotman Sun 21-Dec-08 07:58:25

BlessThisMess If i have enough interest for older ones I might, but there isn't usually as much demand, as parents like them to go main stream at about 6yrs. But we'll see what happens. Where do you live? and what sort of sessions half day or full day? Just trying to see what parents are wanting.hmm

BlessThisMess Sun 21-Dec-08 16:15:39

Moreton-in-Marsh. And probably half-day sessions. Older one has selective mutism and social anxiety so I'm not at all sure she will cope with normal school, but would be fine in a small group once she got to know you.

BlessThisMess Sun 21-Dec-08 16:16:52

Oh, and I could tell others in my HE group if you like - there may be some other interest.

camillanotman Sun 21-Dec-08 17:46:46

BlessThisMess, Yes please, spread the word, and ask them to get in touch if they like the idea. Many thanks. smile

whomovedmychocolate Sun 04-Jan-09 13:45:00

Camillanotman - I spoke to my friends and three of us are looking for places in the next six months. How soon are you thinking of starting?

camillanotman Wed 07-Jan-09 16:52:40

Hopefully for the September intake, The barn hasn't a roof yet? hmm

LittleBears Sun 21-Jun-09 22:39:58

Hi Camillanotman - How are you progressing? Do you need any Montessori qualified staff? I have my Diploma, bit rusty though but would love to get back into it.

Lotkinsgonecurly Thu 20-Aug-09 22:59:03

Am interested in Montessori is it opening for September intake and do you have any spaces?

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