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rachelfinnsmum Sun 13-Apr-08 14:40:25

Hi - I have just started (thankfully!) cutting down my work hours so I have more time to be out and about in Oxford with my 18 month old boy. I'd love to take Finn to some good groups/activities where he can meet other toddlers and enjoy himself but my work hours are quite erratic so I can't sign up to regular classes in advance. Can you recommend any good drop-in activities/singing/rhyming/playtime etc.

Also, where oh where around Oxford are the nice, child friendly cafes with space for toddlers to toddle and mums to meet other mums?

Thanks so much - Rachel

readytoswiggin Mon 14-Apr-08 02:27:11

Are you in Oxford itself? I'm up for the odd meet up and natter, but am 20 mins outside Oxford, and have dayily nursery runs...

used2bthin Fri 25-Apr-08 17:57:55

Where in Oxford are you? The evangelical church on magdalen road (off Iffley road) does a singing group on tuesdays, (9.45 or 11am on a tues I think). St Andrews church toddler group runs tuesday and wednesday mornings its off the Banbury road turn into Bardwell road then right onto Northmoor road if coming from the centre). I've also got an 18m old so let me know if you want to meet up. Museum of modern art can be good for meet ups although it can get busy. There is a great "toddler gym" type thing if you can get to Headington, thursdays 9.50, fridays 10am. Its called energisers and is at the gym at Oxford Brookes, you need to park in the car park at the white horse pub if driving. HTH.

Woollymummy Sat 26-Apr-08 19:43:45

I really recommend Rainbow House, on New Inn Hall street (the one with Argos at one end) - it is behind the Wesley Memorial Church. Totally fun toddler toys, yummy food that they like and we can enjoy too, homemade cakes, hot and cold drinks. Lots of mums to chat to, very friendly and they are open from 10.30 til 2, Wed, Thurs and Fri. I would expect that once to go, you'll be there for years, it is totally addictive.

The other one I really recommend is Sparklers in St. Ebbe's church, Wed am or Wed pm (a quieter session), very reasonable £1 to get in, big garden with lots of toys, nice coffee and cakes, millions of things for the little ones to do (especially good "Thomas the Tank engine" corner and very good crafts/pictures corner). Lots of friendly mums too.

Music groups, we tried lots in Oxford then found the best one is in our local village school, in Wootton. Thursday at 2.10 if you are ever popping by, though it is quite off the beaten track

vick34 Fri 13-May-11 14:06:57

Any one of you interested in having an Usborne Children Book Party at one of your toddler groups in Oxford say on a Friday, if they happen on that day. Just set myself up as a rep so am looking for new contacts. They are lovely books and depending how much is sold on the event, we can supply the group with some free books too! Anyhow if this is of interest email me back, Cheers. Vicky x

RugbytotsWiltsandSOxon Thu 25-Aug-11 22:32:44

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