Relocating to banbury ??

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Vickybrooker1984 Sun 04-Oct-15 19:22:54

I am looking for some advice. My husband, myself and our 3 children are thing of relocating up to banbury from London. Specifically on the new estate in bodicote.
I would just like to know what it's like living in this area and what its like brining up children there. Are there any schools you would recommend?
I'm also worried about making new friends. Is there some good local groups like toddler groups and stuff?
My husband and I are going to keep our jobs at heathrow airport so are going to commute so if there's anyone else out there who do the same with any advise it would be greatly received.
Thanks so much x

sunflower2015 Fri 05-Feb-16 10:57:05

Dear Vickybrooker1984, it's probably too late and I don't have experience about raising children here but your post looked so lonely wink

My husband and I moved to Banbury 2 years ago from New York - yes, the more relaxed, slower lifestyle was a shock at first but we love it here. Everyone is lovely and helpful and kind. Lots of activities at

Anyway, hope your move, wherever you went, worked out well!

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