Relocating to Oxfordshire, any advice would be appreciated :-)

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artysal76 Tue 22-Sep-15 16:27:34

Hi there,
Myself and my partner (family) are hoping to move too Oxfordshire in a few months time. We have visited a few times and the countryside is very beautiful. We don't want to live in Oxford itself.
We both work in the creative fields and I'm especially artistic and enjoy the company of other creative types. I am also slightly left wing. I appreciate Oxfordshire is more Conservative and it's not the end of the World. We have visited (briefly) Abingdon, Witney, Wantage and Wallingford. All lovely areas, but I do have an aversion towards snooty, unfriendly people. I appreciate there are nice people and not so nice everywhere, but can anyone tell me if any of these areas have more of an arty or even friendly atmosphere? I used to live in Bristol which I loved, but it is too far away from London where I have clients. I am currently in St Albans (Herts) and the people are snooty and a bit standoffish. I really don't want a repeat of this. Anyone know of any areas that even slightly fit the bill?
Thank you so much :-)

twinklyrach Tue 22-Sep-15 16:34:54

You might be better off posting on the Oxfordshire board if you don't want to live in Oxford itself - which, to be honest, is more likely to have the arty feel you're looking for.

artysal76 Tue 22-Sep-15 17:05:43

Silly me, I will post in the Oxfordshire board. I realise Oxford is going to be the most 'arty'.

Olafffuxache Thu 29-Sep-16 22:29:23

Speaking as a local who lives in Walton Manor area,I always make a point of visiting Witney instead of going to the centre of Oxford for shopping,cafes bars etc,it is a lovely little market town with better ameneties than oxford,I would love to live there,if I is about the last remaining affordable oxfordshire town...

FurtiveVenturor Fri 30-Sep-16 09:26:38


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