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kittubb Sun 05-Jul-15 23:00:18

I have a linguistically gifted but very sensitive 5 year old boy, help me find a school for him. His language skills are extraordinary - comprehension, vocabulary, etc, but if I am more than a foot away from him in an unknown environment he will not speak. Thus in one school we went to when he spoke while I was there they were keen to have him join but I hesitate was it is too big (Dragon) in the other school we went they demanded to meet him on his own and he refused to speak and now they think he can't and needs speech therapy and i am crazy... another school we tried again demanded he be left alone and he cried himself into a fit for 3 hours.. clearly also not a fit. I am looking for a very gentle, perhaps small place, that can nurture a gentle academic soul. Any advise please?
Thank you!

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