Good venue for family get-together – advice please?

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davidbowieisinside Mon 31-Mar-14 11:39:57

Hello Oxford Mumsnetters… I'm trying to organise a get-together with my Mum's family for her birthday and Oxfordshire is the midpoint between us all. But I don't know the area well and would really appreciate some local advice. What we're looking for is an indoor venue where we can bring our own food but has some outside space (preferably a park with some things to do). I tried the Cotswold Wildlife Park as a friend recommended, but they no longer hire out rooms in this way.

Can anyone help?

LeapingLizard Tue 01-Apr-14 00:45:00

Cutteslowe Pavilion , scroll right to the bottom of the page.

It's in the grounds of a big park with several play areas, an aviary, and (if you are lucky about which day you go) a working miniature steam railway and mini golf hire.

You need to be careful to ensure everyone knows where they are going and what the parking arrangements are. It is NOT at the North Oxford Association, though the other rooms shown on that webpage are - that is where you'll collect the keys, however. It is also not the pavilion near the main car park at the far side of Cutteslowe Park. The car park you want is a smaller one accessed directly off the ring road, and it is pay and display.

davidbowieisinside Tue 01-Apr-14 10:21:55

Wow, thank you soooo much Leaping!!! thanks cake I've just booked the room, that looks absolutely EXACTLY what my mum described as her perfect place. I never would have found that on Google! Aren't you (and Mumsnet Local) brilliant?! <wanders off with large happy smile at the kindness of strangers>

LeapingLizard Tue 01-Apr-14 13:03:29

You're welcome!!! Hope you all have a great time, and happy birthday to your mum!

davidbowieisinside Tue 01-Apr-14 16:48:46

aw, thanks Leaping, I told her! grin

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