Do you (are you interested in) working from home?

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LocalEditorOxford Tue 11-Feb-14 10:54:32

We'd love to hear from you. Could you tell us about any downsides to working from home? Unexpected benefits? Things you didn't consider before you started? Those sort of things.

We're a work-from-home team here at Mumsnet Oxford. It's great to be flexible, fit around the kids, no commute, no dress code, but it's hard too. You can find yourself very conflicted between work and family - much harder to prioritise work when you're not in a dedicated work environment. Somehow housework and playing with the toddler seem more urgent on a day-to-day basis and you can end up getting behind your targets. That's certainly one of the biggest challenges we face - that and never being able to leave work!

We'd love to hear from any of you going through the same stuff

MrsNavis Thu 13-Feb-14 12:31:49

I'd love to hear about this as well. I'm very interested in working from home, but a bit nervous about the isolation.

LocalEditorOxford Thu 13-Feb-14 15:12:54

That's when getting a good network of other WAH-ers together can really pay dividends, especially if they work in complementary businesses as you can brainstorm and share leads. Plus having a couple of hobbies which get you socialising with people, I think, just to stop you talking to climbing the walls.

raggiedoll Sun 02-Mar-14 09:42:17

I'm interested in working from home, but it's an impossibility in my current job. (Trust me!)

So I have to start thinking about what I could possibly do at home that would be fulfilling, enjoyable and still use my skills.

What's your field, MrsNavis?

LocalEditorOxford Thu 06-Mar-14 00:48:13

Can I ask about your skills, raggie?

You'd be very welcome to come along on a fact-finding mission! I'm really excited about getting a wide variety of people, skills, experience and fields together and seeing what comes out of it, so please consider coming along

NotYouNaanBread Thu 10-Apr-14 17:49:52

I run my own business and work from home, part time. It's very difficult sometimes. I can't work if it's untidy though, so perhaps my newfound interest in cleaning has far reaching benefits...

LocalEditorOxford Tue 15-Apr-14 19:53:30

Are you thinking of coming along next Friday NotYouNaanBread?

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