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IamMissMaddie Thu 24-Oct-13 09:41:49


I've been reading through previous posts with Interests. I have applied for my daughter to start April 2014. Currently at another prep in Oxford (all girls), but want something different - less "stiff".

I think the boy ratio will do her a a lot of good. Shes can be a bit of an alpha female, strong-willled and will dominate if others let her. I think it will help character and relationship balance with friends. (Put her in her place a bit).

I need some info please on getting to and from the school and knowing if there are any liftshares, private bus schemes, or parents that share runs to and from the school in the local area. Aftercare is stated to run till 5.30. Sometimes that might be a little tight for me. What options does anyone know about - that might be worth considering.

Other questions about what parents do in the holidays- are there holiday schemes, summercamps etc run in the area, or even on site?

All hints and tips and otehr info welcomed. I will be at the school on the 5th November.

Thanks if you can send me all info

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