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HomeChoice2013 Tue 08-Oct-13 15:45:49

A campaign has been launched to incentivise private landlords to let their properties through Oxford City Council to local people who are threatened with homelessness.

Introduce a Landlord to the Home Choice Team today and receive a £50 introduction fee on receipt of a signed tenancy agreement and confirmation the Home Choice family has moved into the property.

With over 4600 households in Oxford looking for an affordable home, and the costs of renting and/or buying privately are very high, the Council needs to boost the private rental sector as part of the solution to finding a decent home for local families.

The current scheme called Home Choice has helped nearly 1000 households secure a private sector let in Oxfordshire avoiding the more expensive option for taxpayers of providing temporary accommodation.

Do you know of any potential friends, family or collegues who are a landlord and would want to help a family find a home?

Incentives include:
• Finder's Fee up to £1,000
• Landlords being able to choose who to let to from a pool of savvy tenants
• A two months cash deposit or bond
• A month’s rent in advance
• Housing benefits fast tracked and paid direct if the home is in the city at local housing allowance rate
• Landlords avoiding charges from other letting agencies
• Free property health and safety checks being made available
• A dedicated account manager allocated offering support
• A year’s free membership to the National Landlords Association

Home Choice on 01865 252501 or visit

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