Chandlings - any feedback?

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4030ludders Tue 24-Sep-13 16:32:01

Hi there, we went to look at preps for our DD recently. I liked the Manor but would prefer a co-ed, and the Chandlings, co-ed, is closer. But I found the head really offputting. Have read other threads on this topic. I liked her energy, drive, ambition, intelligence - I just felt she didn't ask us about our DD, and instead reeled off a whole bunch of assumptions about what 'we' would want for her. It felt odd not to be asked what we 'actually' wanted for her. I would prefer to send my DD to Chandlings as it's co-ed and closer, but was really put off. Can anyone (parent, teacher) give some feedback on it as a school, and whether it's worth giving it another visit?

Arius Tue 01-Oct-13 12:46:24

Sorry I've just started a similar thread without seeing this one here

We are considering the same two schools.

Valanne1552 Fri 18-Oct-13 13:44:33

I know what you mean - she is pretty formidable! I suppose she didn't want to appear to be shifting her patter to fit your requirements. We went to another (vgirly) school where the Head listened to our descriptions of the kids and then basically said - yes, we do all of that here!! Hmmm, a bit thin and flaky. Of that, Chandlings Head cannot be accused!
I went to a parent meeting recently and she was just dazzling. And importantly so so caring about the children. She was quite firm with us, but we didn't mind because her ambitions are for our children. Another newbie parent told me that they visited her twice before making up their mind and that in the end they thought they could find no better role model for their DDs. True.
I'm sure she would love you to visit again - tell her why!

mumw5 Tue 11-Nov-14 12:42:42

does anyone know what is going on now the head has left chandlings? i visited the school last week, and was introduced to the headmaster who said he had been there since 1985, but n the blurb it says he is acting head

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