Good barber for toddlers?!

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Amybelle Mon 26-Aug-13 16:16:30

We moved into East Oxford last week & my sons (12, 3 & 1) all desperately need haircuts-can anyone recommend a good place?

At home we had someone come to our house but that isn't really possible here. Please can I have recommedations of anywhere that will be calm or fun (car seats/cartoons on tv, etc).

Thank you!

FutureMum Sun 05-Jan-14 19:35:34

No recommendation but am also looking for one for my toddler daughter in east oxford

mojocake Fri 17-Jan-14 07:43:34

There is a barbers in headington, I think called Adrianne, or something like that that has a child's seat and an iPad on the mirror. It's 8.50, I took my 1 year old and they were really good with him.

totiredtothinkofafunnyname Fri 17-Jan-14 08:24:40

Hi - we had almost bald kids for several years, but when we finally got round to having their hair cut we took them to Walters in Turl St. Cheaper if you go mid week. They have a special booster seat for kids.

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