Au Pair meet up?

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bubbababybearsmum Thu 25-Jul-13 14:05:36


I have recently hired an au pair. She is a really nice 26 year old from Spain. I am trying to help her to meet other au pairs in the area. Does any one have an au pair who might wish to meet Anna and just give her some support? This is her first time away from Spain and I want her to be happy here. We live in Headington but she has access to the car so can pretty much get anywhere.


LeapingLizard Fri 26-Jul-13 18:08:59

Here's an out-of-date ad for a club which I believe is still running - search for it on Facebook: It may have changed to a different day or venue since this ad came out.

It's a language exchange which meets in pubs, so people can practice a new language (English or another language) or chat with other native speakers in their own first language.

MariePol Mon 07-Apr-14 13:23:03

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LocalEditorOxford Wed 09-Apr-14 09:38:01

This is a lovely idea - if anybody would like to organise such a meet-up, do let me know and we'll do what we can to publicise and facilitate it.

Yes, I'm aware this is an old thread, but presumably there are other au pairs who might benefit from this support

ChloeOmissi Wed 07-May-14 11:11:05

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