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inkstainedwretch Tue 25-Jun-13 01:28:39

I'm new to Oxford and was wondering where to go to buy baby gear at reasonable prices. Specifically, I'm looking for a potty (preferably small), a nursery rocker/glider, a child-sized toilet seat, unscented/eco-friendly disposable nappies, and a large bin suitable for storing dirty cloth nappies.

In the non-baby category, I'm also looking for suggestions for where to buy a reasonably priced microwave oven and tumble dryer. Other than the nappies, I'd be happy to buy new or used. Any ideas where to look? We don't have a car, at least as of yet, so it would have to be easily accessible via public transit and/or orderable online. Thanks in advance!

vessoxford Wed 26-Jun-13 10:28:36

There's Boots in the city centre - they have eco-friendly nappies, and probably potties and toilet seats as well. Other than that there is Mothercare (in Cowley, just outside the ring road) and Toys R Us in Botley, which might be more accessible without a car. I think Sainsbury's have eco-friendly nappies too, but only the big stores.
Other than that, try amazon and ebay - a lot more choice, and cheaper.
Dailyinfo and gumtree for second-hand stuff - especially things that are quickly outgrown. Good luck!

CrowmarshGibbon Tue 02-Jul-13 13:28:44

I have to admit I was going to be very anti-local and suggest you try online! Also keep an eye out for jumble, car boot and NCT nearly new sales as you'd get some of those items much cheaper second hand

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