Oxford MNers - if you would be so kind - could you find me something non-worthy to do with 10 and 6yo DC in Oxford this week?

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WorcsCountryMouse Tue 11-Jun-13 11:29:26

..just for a day (they are on half term), but 10yo in particular has been a bit "museum-ed out" by my DM - they have spent a few days with her in Oxford.

I know lots of places to eat and drink in Oxford, and the museums, but am a bit stuck to come up with "something fun".

What is the ice rink like nowadays, and would it even be open mid week, out of school holidays?

LeapingLizard Thu 13-Jun-13 23:08:28

Thumbs-up to non-worthy fun!

Hope I'm not too late...

Skating will be open and empty but is expensive, especially if you use the car park.

Punting is great fun and works out pretty cheap since the kids will only want to do it for an hour.

Ramble around Shotover. Follow the red trail to a tiny spring-fed brook through a natural sandpit where they can spend all day damming up the stream. Take a picnic. No toilets on-site.

Bowling at Kassam Stadium, followed by a meal at the Chinese buffet. Lunchtime prices are very reasonable.

Ring Oxford Brookes University and see if/when you can use the climbing wall. When I last went, kids could do bouldering under parental supervision without needing any sort of induction - you just read the safety guidance and sign on the line.

WorcsCountryMouse Thu 13-Jun-13 23:29:33

Thanks, LeapingLizard - filing all those for next time.

After all his complaints, DS insisted he wanted to go to the Ashmolean hmm. It was, I have to admit, fun for a couple of hours, and it wasn't the weather for punting.

We persuaded DM to save the tour of the Bodlean for next time wink.

Breakfast at Bills in St Michaels St was good - definitely recommended.

LeapingLizard Fri 14-Jun-13 20:06:03

LOL. Glad he had a good time anyway!

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