New college school pre-prep assessment

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mombee Mon 27-May-13 10:53:01

We registered our DS at New College School for Sept 2014 entry to reception and were told that there would be an assessment and based on that they will let us know if the seat will be offered. The assessment is with Head Mistress for about 30 minutes. Any comments about what your experience has been with assessments for a 3.5 yr old will be very helpful.

lunar77 Thu 13-Jun-13 19:38:55

NCS is a very nice school and I hope your DS will enjoy his time there.

There is no 'formal' assessment - it is more like half a day observation to ensure that your DS reads with interest and enjoys the class. NCS reception intake is not selective and will take in children as long as they can follow the lessons.

It will be with the Head Of pre-pred who is a very naturing, kind and effective lady. There is no head mistress at NCS.

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