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rumpelstiltskinismyname Wed 22-May-13 23:59:43

Hi everyone This is my first post (and I previously stuck it in the wrong thread) I have read all there is to read on this site about primary schools in Oxford but still find myself needing your help. We are moving to Summertown in the summer (DH new job North Oxford) and need to find a school for our lovely 7.5 year old boy. States are oversubscribed where we are and so we have turned to privates. I prefer coed at this stage. Rang Dragon who said not on your nelly unless you're happy to wait til 2014. Am I right in thinking that the only other coed is Chandlings?? - looks lovely but a bit worried about journey and have gone a bit boggle eyed looking at Internet [hides wine glass]. Is the journey feasible from Summertown (DH could drive but then has to trek back up to North of Summertown Oxford again) or do I need to move to Abingdon (haven't signed rental agreement yet). I am happy to take him by bus but am having trouble finding info about how long this would take. Any help much appreciated - sorry this is so long-winded. My son is bright but I am more interested in him being in a nurturing, happy environment. Thanks!!

LeapingLizard Thu 23-May-13 01:01:44

I haven't a clue about independent schools, but it does seem to me that it would be more handy to choose your home based on where you can find a good school with vacancies, and have your dh commute instead of your son. (You don't drive, is that right?) It would just be so so much easier that way.

It would also save you a bundle, I should think. North Oxford isn't cheap, and if living there would also force you into private education when you might otherwise be able to use a state school... well, it doesn't sound very appealing to me!

Home education is popular in the area too, so that might be an option to consider in the short run or for a longer time.

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