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kumik Sun 28-Apr-13 15:37:47

I've tried to make contact with Oxfordshire Home Educators for help and advice to get started on home tutoring my 11 year old son. My e-mail to the Yahoo address is still pending a reply after more than a week, does anyone know how I can get in touch? Or any other way I can get help. Many thanks!

LeapingLizard Sun 28-Apr-13 22:56:02

Hi, it's me again!

I just went to the home ed list so I could ask the moderator whether it's possible to hurry things along for you, when a welcome message came up which appears to be for you. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/OxonHE/messages So it looks like your membership has been approved! You can now post there, and you can also look at the calendar and/or recent messages to see upcoming events. Here are a few things you or your dh might like to come to if you'd like to chat in person:

Tomorrow lunchtime (Mon 29 April) adventure playground in Oxford
Tomorrow evening (Mon 29 April) parents' night out at a pub in Abingdon - that's fairly small and friendly, usually about four to eight people.
Friday I run a chess club in Kennington followed immediately by family pub lunch - if chess isn't your cup of tea then just come to the pub. We usually only have a few families at the pub, so it's a good chance for a chat without a crowd.

Anyway, these are all drop-in, but feel free to post on the list so people can look out for you - and perhaps we can make an effort to get someone there promptly to meet you. Sometimes we tend to trickle in late, especially at the pub!!

I look forward to meeting you.

kumik Mon 29-Apr-13 22:23:32

Thanks LeapingLizard, thanks again for all your help. As I work my husband is at home with the kids and I leave the work for my son to do. I then check it with my son in the evening. Whatever I can do will be in the evenings and at weekends, however my husband will be happy to take my son to home schooling events in Oxford if there are any. I have now checked my yahoo and very pleased to see I have been approved! Thank you very much for your help. Is there anything I could be involved in myself in the evening or weekend? Or could I talk through this by phone? I look forward to hearing from you and meeting you soon I hope.

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